10 tips for relaxation

1. Breathe. Breath in through your nose for six seconds, let it out for six seconds through your mouth with an audible sigh.

2. Get to know yourself under stress. Take note of how you deal with stress so you can be prepared for healthier coping mechanisms.

3. Take control of your self-talk. What messages are you telling yourself? Are they focused on the negative and worst-case scenarios? Are they helpful and rational?

4. Visualize yourself succeeding. Imagining positive outcomes has been linked to actual positive outcomes.

5. Step into others shoes. Frustrated with others? Try stepping into their shoes and seeing the world from their perspective.

6. Try yoga. There are various forms of yoga that have been practiced for centuries. Try an active vinyasa flow or a more restorative yin yoga.

7. Exercise. Strenuous exercise or a walk around the block can do wonders for your mental health.

8. Practice Gratitude. Even if it's thinking about one thing you're thankful for each day, adopting a positive mindset can do a lot for relaxation.

9. Quit treating your feelings as good or bad. Everyone has positive and negative feelings, but instead of labeling them, just realize they are part of being human.

10. Don't sweat the small stuff. It's mostly small stuff, so realize when there are setbacks there is always another day and they won't last forever.


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